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Syllabus for Chronic Stress and Child Development

e-School Title: Chronic Stress and Child Development
Instructors: Dr. Laura Hanson
Number of hours: 6
Course Objective: Development begins before conception. A planned pregnancy determines the state of health for the couple wanting to start a family. Stress impacts the parents, conception, birth, postpartum, and child development. The objective of this course is to highlight the clinical "red-flags" resulting from stress and alerting the chiropractor of the current state of health for both parents and child.

Hour 1-Hanson: The impact of chronic stress:                                                                              Basic Sciences: 1 Hour
  • Changing the anatomical terrain
  • Physiological symptoms
  • The change on the developing brain
  • Brain cell death

Hour 2-Hanson: Stress and the unborn child:                                                                               Clinical Science: 1 Hour
  • The impact on the developing brain
  • The impact on the developing nervous system
  • Epigenetics: Nutrition/Microbiome/Epigenome
  • The physiological relationship between mom and the developing baby

Hour 3-Hanson: Clinical considerations prior and during pregnancy:                               Exam Procedures: 1 Hour
  • Preconception management 
  • Management of pregnant patient
  • Assessment of the pregnant patient
  • Standard of Care for the pregnant patient

Hour 4-Hanson: Primitive Neurological System                                                                           Clinical Sciences: 1 Hour
  • Withdrawal Reflexes
  • Primitive Reflexes
  • Postural Reflexes

Hour 5-Hanson: Assessment of Cranial Nerves                                                                             Examination Procedures: 1 hour
  • Primary brain stem development
  • Assess cranial nerves in the pediatric patient
  • Identify objective documentation

Hour 6-Hanson: Video                                                                                                                               Clinical Sciences: 1 Hour
  • Learning to observe the pediatric patient
  • Integrating developmental care into your practice
  • Discussing the chiropractic role with parents

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